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Welcome to my Percival Clay Genealogy Site!  If you have any interest in Percival Clay or his descendants, then you are probably a cousin of mine, as Percival would appear to be my 5th-great-grandfather (the father of my 4th-great-grandfather, David Clay).  I say “would appear to be” only because there is little in the way of hard evidence to prove that Percival Clay was, in fact, the father of David Clay.  There is basically only the circumstantial evidence derived by analyzing the very few documented facts appearing in the historical record.  And, unfortunately, there is a large quantity of wrong information out there, including the repeated assertion that my David Clay, who married Eve Hardin in Georgia on or about September 26, 1792, was really the son of Mitchell Clay and Phoebe Belcher.  Nothing could be further from the truth because that other David Clay is known to have died before June 6, 1792 when his father, Mitchell Clay, was appointed as administrator of David’s estate.


So, given that the other David Clay, son of Mitchell Clay and Phoebe Belcher, died in 1792, then who were the parents and siblings of David Clay of North Carolina who removed to Georgia around 1785?  The purpose of this web site is to present our evidence to the world and let the world judge the answers we’ve arrived at through a close analysis of the available historical facts.


Please choose an area of this site to investigate to continue.  New visitors should probably begin with the “overview” page.

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I welcome input from anybody who has relevant facts for adding or correcting anything on this web site. Of course, since this is my own web site, I make no promises to alter the content of this web site in any particular fashion. This web site is a work in progress, and it is only worked on when I have spare time to do the work.


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Thank you for reading this page, and please do email me if you have anything to add to what I’ve set forth here.